FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

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Credentials / I never received my credentials

Probably our automatic communication is in your spam folder.

Please check it. We sent it from the email address <support@btsf-elearning-campus.eu>.


Deadline / I cannot finish the course by the deadline. Could I have some extra days?

Extra days to the regular edition are not foreseen.

If you are attending a regular edition of the course,  we would anticipate you some information.

Since the objective of the eLearning course is to motivate and support your continuous vocational training path, at the end of this edition - if you started the eLearning module but did not complete it successfully - we will invite you participate in a "second round" having the duration of 2 weeks. 


Locked / I cannot proceed with the next screen/unit. The requested resource is locked.

Please note that this module is subject to specific completion rules, detailed within the Student Guide. In general terms, the eLearning module screens are composed by various resources (i.e. tabs, boxes, quizzes, etc).

Please, open and complete all the available resources of each screen to proceed. 


Password / I forgot my username and/or password

In order to reset your password, please submit your username or your email address (the one provided in the enrollment form) to the following link:


You will receive an email describing instructions on how to get access again. 

Password / My username and/or password doesn’t/don’t work

Are you trying to access through the button "Welcome, login here" placed at the top right corner of the home page?

Please, write your username and your password paying attention to the characters (without spaces), the digit(s), the lower case letter(s), the upper case letter(s), the punctuation marks.

We suggest to avoid the use of the "copy and paste" function.

Printing / Is it possible to print the content of the course?

It’s possible to print the content of the course. You can download the printable version of each unit and save it (as file .pdf) on your computer, clicking on the button "Print" (circled in red in the picture).


BTSF Printable


Test / I failed the post test: could I have another chance to re-take the post test?

Only one attempt to pass the post-test is allowed by the system.

If you fail the post-test at the end of the regular edition of the course, you have a second round as further possibility to pass it (Rule n.4 in the Student Guide).